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  • d.a.i. goes hip hop

    Languages: Rap, Denglish, Music & Love

    In our hip-hop projects, young people learn to creatively express their opinions, worries, and dreams in new ways and receive a lot of recognition for doing so.

  • Hannah Varn: Pink and Green

    Just order!

    “Sharing Views - Wie Amerikaner Deutschland sehen” is a travelling exhibition for schools. American exchange students took photographs of their impressions of Germany. They created pictures of a life far away from home and about the complex processes of intercultural learning: affection and questions, smiles and recognition, foreignness and closeness. A teaching handout for English and art classes is included. Contact us!

  • Let's play!

    Baseball – a world of its own. At least it often seems that way to many people in Germany. Rules that you don’t understand, strange expressions, seemingly long breaks in the game broken up by sudden action… and thousands of Americans who cheer enthusiastically for their team each season and don’t want to miss a single game. That’s enough to unsettle Germany with its soccer customs. Borrow a baseball set from us and an American guest to go along with it!

  • Thomas von Keller

    And Action!

    English classes done a little differently? Theater in the classroom done a little differently? These short theater games are a fun and funny way to learn language! In 2011/2012, the d.a.i. organized two “English Language Theater Groups” for students. Students from the Tübingen Uhland Gymnasium wrote the piece “Search for the Lino Bear”. The second theater group was the “Impro-Gruppe”. Here you can learn more about the theater project.

Intercultural Projects

The d.a.i. department "Intercultural Projects" is focused on the contact between young Germans and young Americans. In our programs, we emphasize young perspectives and fun, but there is always enough time for critical considerations – on ideas of the other and of ourselves. Adolescents and students get to know new perspectives and become “Citizen Diplomats.”

Besides our flagships Rent an American and Ambassadors in Sneakers, and formerly Access, we also do smaller projects like German-American theater productions, photo and writing competitions, or workshops and activities for German-American (youth) groups.

Our goal is to encourage Germans and Americans in developing their intercultural competencies. For the content and structural planning, execution, and evaluation of the projects, we are assisted by a project advisory board that also includes representatives from schools, the University of Tübingen’s International Office, and the Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen (ifa).

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For a Conversation Visit a guest from the U.S. visits a class and brings images, stories, and info from everyday life in the USA. »weiterlesen

... an ...

For a Presentation Visit a guest from the U.S. joins the class and presents facts and backgrounds about a current topic. The d.a.i. explains! »weiterlesen

... American!

For a Project Visit a guest from the U.S. joins a class to work together on a transatlantic topic. »weiterlesen

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