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d.a.i. Tübingen’s customer-centered mission statement and organizational aims

  1. The d.a.i. Tübingen offers all citizens from the city and district of Tübingen and the Neckar-Alb region comprehensive and detailed[KN1]  information: about the USA and German-American as well as European-American relations. To do so, it organizes a broad program of events that contributes to a better understanding of the ideals, values, and culture of both countries, and it provides the public with a library that contains mostly English-language media.
  2. The d.a.i. Tübingen assists Germans and Americans as well as other nationalities in making contact. Encounters and exchanges between Germans and Americans are actively encouraged at the d.a.i., and the d.a.i. also offers in-depth advising sessions for stays abroad. In addition, the Institute organizes its own study, language, and continuing education trips to the USA.
  3. To enable and intensify intercultural exchange, the d.a.i. Tübingen offers language training exclusively by native speakers in English but also in Spanish and German as a Foreign Language. The program includes offers for all age groups and levels of proficiency.



What Successful Learning Means for Us 

One of the main functions of the d.a.i. Tübingen’s offers is getting to know and understand American culture as well as high-quality instruction in English and Spanish. Foreign citizens are also able to learn German. In the area of language courses, lectures, and workshops as well as on the study and continuing education trips, the Institute believes the event or course has been successful it expands knowledge, improves skills, and if the participants feel they can take part in more activities than before. Linked to this, the process of learning itself, the shaping of the entire personality, and the improvement of participants’ career opportunities are very important to the d.a.i. At the d.a.i., learning is always a cooperative and action-focused process by instructors and participants with fixed objectives and in a context that supports learning to the maximum extent possible.


For this purpose, the d.a.i. has created an extensive course and continuing education program that is complemented by individualized advising, professional instructors, a comfortable learning atmosphere, and a final evaluation of the learning objectives.

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