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  • New York, New York!

    New York is definitely worth a journey. 


  • New Orleans, a journey about and with music

    Music, history, and lifestyle of a fascinating city!

    New Orleans is an unique place. French, Spanish and carribean influences all add up to an extraordinary mix of cultures, which can be found in the fantastic cuisine as well as in the music of the city.

  • American Summer Camp in the Mountains

    Fun and action at our American Summer Camp in the Schwarzwald!

  • U.S. Sports Camp

    Baseball, American Football, Basketball and more!

  • Musical Theater Camp

    Dancing, singing AND dramatics? This Camp has it all! 

  • Nature Camp

    Into the wild - five days of outdoor adventures and environmental education!


Travel programs & Camps


Collect moments, not things!

No matter if you are looking for a study trip, a continuing education trip for teachers, student trip to the U.S. or English-speaking youth camps, the d.a.i. offers a program for anyone! 


The D.A.I.'s travel program

Study trips

On the study trips of the d.a.i., you can not only experience great touristic highlights, but also dive into the cultural life of different American cities.

The trips include visits to popular sights, events, and cultural as well as educational institutions and also discussions with Americans and experts. 


Continuing education trip for teachers 

A continuing education trip features a two-week or three-week trip for teachers to get to know the culture, places, and people of the USA. In cooperation with different universities, the d.a.i. has developed a program full with seminars, workshops, and excursions – especially suited for English teachers.  

Please find more information about the study and continuing education trips here.


Student trips

The d.a.i. also offers different summer trips to the U.S. for students. Years of experience and the cooperation with various American partners help the d.a.i. to offer a great program.

One of the trips is for students from 15 to 19 years, who get a chance to travel for three weeks to sunny San Diego in southern California. This trip provides an unique opportunity to study in the USA and have fun with the group at the same time.

Another trip is offered to students who have just graduated from high school and who want to get to know American college life. As a guest student in Delaware, the students experience an American campus and a lot of adventures on the East coast. Besides, improving your English skills will be a great preparation for university!

Please find more information about the student trips here.

For further information please contact us:

Sophia Kummler

Phone: 07071/79526-12

Mail: reisen@dai-tuebingen.de


The D.A.I.'s youth camps

The d.a.i. has many years of experience organizing English youth camps. A skilled and experienced team of native speakers runs the camps and offers the participating kids a fun and educational time during their summer break. 

We offer a variety of differently themed camps for children aged 6 to 15, so everyone can find something to their liking: American sports, nature, dance or the "German Black Forrest Camp" (Schwarzwald) - the choice is yours!

Please find more information about the camps here or contact us for further information:

Nathalie Steffan

Phone: 07071/79526-18

Mail: nathalie.steffan@dai-tuebingen.de  


Educational and cultural trips

The d.a.i. regularly offers educational and cultural trips to the U.S. »weiterlesen


Trips for young adults

Our trips, specifically organized for young adults, offer a unique opportunity for the participants to get to know the language and the American way of life. »weiterlesen


Youth Camps

A central part of the d.a.i.: our youth camps combine language and fun during the holidays. »weiterlesen

Travel Journal

Reports and pictures of our participants and the d.a.i. »weiterlesen

Consulting and brochures

Request more information or contact us directly. »weiterlesen


You have questions concerning our trips and camps? Find answers here! »weiterlesen

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