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I think teaching should always be flexible and oriented on the student’s needs. On top of that, the student should have a great time learning a new language. It should be an engaging, fun experience every time!


Alex McQueeney

From: Green Bay, Wisconsin

Academic Background: I have a BA in biology from Michigan Technological University in Houghton, Michigan. I am currently in medical school at the Eberhard-Kars University in Tübingen. 

Courses: I am currently only teaching privates but will jump into some courses soon!

Special Interests: My hobbies include all kinds of sports, cooking, traveling and photography. Anything new, outdoorsy and/or a good meal is all I need!


Courses at the d.a.i.: Business English, Schülerkurs Kursstufe and Coffee Hour are my regulars, but I've done almost everything at one time or another. My favorite level to teach is B2/C1.


Angela Grace Baggarley

From: Originally Southern California, but I grew up in Swabia from my early childhood on (You know, like there are Turkish-Germans who have grown up here? That's like me. Except it's American-German)

Academic Background: Eternal studies of French and Protestant Theology. I promise to get my degree very soon. ;-)

Special Interests: Everything intercultural, so first and foremost travelling and languages. Food! – its preparation and consumption. Nature and outdoors activities. Dancing.

Way of Teaching: I like to find out what my students want and need and accompany them in getting there.  Just speak – or write – and you will gain self-confidence, and we'll improve together. Don't tell me you can't say it in English, we'll find the words together! Your English is not terrible, don't believe that! We all have room for improvement, and I want to take you a step on your way.  I like to look at the special challenges for individuals or groups, find the problem, discover the language we need to fix it, and then give a quizzical look whenever the mistake creeps in again, making my students think. I love helping people understand grammar, that it's not just there to torture you, but is really a structurally elegant means of expressing ideas. And then use it or lose it – it's all about applying new language and gaining confidence through practice.


I like to have fun in classes and to make learning a language not just a matter of memory and discipline, but also of enriching yourself with culture, literature and movies.


Federica M. Gonzalez Luna Ortiz

From: Mexico city

Academic Background: B.A. in Philosophy, Universidad nacional autónoma de México (UNAM); M.A. in Philosophy, UNAM

Currently pursuing a PhD in ancient philosophy at the University of Tübingen

Courses at the d.a.i.: Different levels in Spanish, Latin American literature

Special Interests: Languages, German and Latin American literature, painting, yoga, movies


I enjoy making and listening to music, reading novels, discussing politics, drinking tea, learning languages and about other cultures, travelling to places I’ve never been before, and especially meeting new people!


Grant Nichols

From: San Jose, California

Academic Background: I have a BA in Global Studies from Sonoma State University in California, am currently finishing my MA here in Tübingen in American Studies, and have been teaching at the D.A.I. for 3 years.

Courses at the d.a.i.: Currently I am teaching Grammar, Conversation, and Basic/Intermediate Level Courses, and have taught children’s courses, EuroKom, TOEFL, and other test preparations, have led a nature camp, and am always looking for new teaching experiences!

Way of Teaching: I prefer to have structure in my courses, but also tend to go with the flow and explore the specific topics that my students are most interested in, while making sure that my courses are personally engaging, such that everyone feels comfortable letting their own personalities flourish in the classroom.


I enjoy teaching English because I like the interaction with the students in my classes and I find them all very interesting.


Jennifer Henschel

From: Waterford, Connecticut

Academic Background: B.A. in Therapeutic Recreation, University of Southern Maine

Courses at the d.a.i.: Upper Intermediate Refresher (Thursdays), Schülerkurse

Special Interests: My main hobby is making pottery.


Way of Teaching: Lots of partner and small group work to allow for maximum talking time, making learning English fun.


Kelly Neudorfer

From: Moline, Illinois

Academic Background: B.A. in Political Science from Valparaiso University; M.A. in Peace Studies and International Politics at the University of Tuebingen

Currently pursuing a PhD in Political Science

Courses at the d.a.i.: Tuesday Intermediate Refresher, Intensive Courses 

Special Interests: Languages, Religion, Politics, Horseback Riding, Reading, Gardening


In my classes, I have two rules. Have fun and ask questions! I like to do my best to make English personal.


Kevin Sven McCarthy

From: Boston, Massachusetts

Academic Background: I have my BA in English from the University of Massachusetts at Boston, and my MA in English Literature from the University of Tübingen and have been teaching for 5 years.

Courses at the d.a.i.: Basic Level Courses, Intermediate Courses, Upper-Intermediate Courses, Seniorenkurse, Kids' Camp, Korrekturservice

Special Interests: My hobbies include writing, surfing the internet for interesting things to learn about science, and playing video games. I´m a nerd at heart and enthusiastic about the things I love, and one of the things I love most is meeting people and talking to them, so feel free to say hello!


In short, my job is to turn people on, to create interest which did not exist beforehand.


Laurence Stallings

From: West Los Angeles (Brentwood), California 

Academic Background: Stanford University (1960-64). B.A. in Political Science - International Relations Theory. East-West Center, University Hawaii 

Courses at the d.a.i.: Reading and Discussion; Saturday Special. 

Special Interests: Philosophical Anthropology (Cassirer, Jaspers, Heidegger) and its Relation to Field Ethnography (Malinowski, Evans-Pritchard, Geertz). 

Way of Teaching: Excitement, Enthusiam, Motivation (Presentation of Topics of intrinsic interest from American history, politics and culture which fascinate the student to such an extent that he/she automatically tends to transcend him/herself).


Lena Riha

Academic Background: B.A. in German, M.A. in German Literature from the University of Oklahoma; currently studying Medicine at the Eberhard-Karls University 

Fall/Winter Classes: KiMM (Kid's in Motion and Music)


At the DAI, I teach intensive schüler kurse, project visits and I also run the DAI cheerleading and dance camp every year.


Louise Mayer

I am a dance teacher all over Baden- Württemberg and I perform regularly so sometimes I integrate this artistic backrgound into my work at the DAI. 

I have been with DAI since 2013.


"I encourage my students to get over their hesitations and to simply speak and write English. Furthermore, I hope they will learn to see making mistakes as an opportunity to learn and improve.


Lucas Ogden

From: Oroville, California, USA

Academic Background: B.A., Chico, California. M.A., Tübingen. Also studied in Mainz, Basel and Strasbourg

Courses at the d.a.i.: Business English, Legal English, Firmenkurse, Intensivkurse, Abivorbereitung

Presentations and speeches at/for the d.a.i.: Religion; California; Presidential Elections; U.S. Government; The Civil Rights Movement; The American Legal System


I like to keep things open, relaxed, engaging, and fun


Matthew Egger

From: New York

Academic Background: Dual Bachelor of Arts in Archaeology and German Language and Literature, Boston University. Master of Arts in Classical Archaeology, Universität Tübingen.

Courses at the DAI: English Basic (A1) and Intermediate Level (B2), Senior Courses A1 and B1.

Special Interests: I love everything to do with culture, and I enjoy learning about not only the American culture but also others through literature, film, and music. I believe that conversation also plays an important role, and that you can learn quite a bit by simply talking and getting to know people. I will be sure to show my students all of the American accents! I’m also very interested in history. I think that once you understand the history of a people, you can better understand theway they are today.

Way of Teaching: I like to keep things open, relaxed, engaging, and fun. I try to get to know my students well so that I can help them as much as possible. My students will learn far more and build a great deal of confidence by interacting with me. I think a good teacher not only has to show the way to success, but also has to inspire and encourage their students to become successful. 


I aim to create a comfortable atmosphere where people feel uninhibited and can communicate freely with me and their fellow students. I enjoy provoking an in-depth conversation to help students bring their English to the next level.


Michael Paolillo

From: Huntington, NY

Academic Background: B.Sc. Biochemistry from Binghamton University, NY. M.Sc. Molecular Neuroscience from Tübingen University, Germany.

PhD Candidate in Molecular Neuroscience from Tübingen University, Germany

Courses at the d.a.i.: Upper-Intermediate Conversation (Thursday evenings), Business English

Special Interests: Cycling, climbing, learning new languages


My main focus is getting students to speak!


Penelope (Penny) Burr Pinson

From: Sautee-Nacoochee, Georgia. 

Academic Background: Master Degree, Foreign Language Education. 

Courses at the d.a.i.: Beginning levels, Conversation, Teacher refreshers, private instruction. 

Special Interests: Interested in international dialogue, to explore new global co-operation. Former modern dance/arts administrator. 

Way of Teaching: “My main focus is getting students to speak! I enjoy especially beginners because I like to give them a good start and make them enthusiastic about the language. I have taught for many many years and enjoy working with all kinds of students in the English classes, it is a two-way learning experience. I do all that I can to make the classes lively and participatory.”


Special Interests: Enjoys traveling, planning events, doing yoga and meditating in her free time.


Renee Hartig  

From: Smithtown, New York.

Academic Background: She studied biology and journalism at Stony Brook University (on Long Island) and specialized in neuroscience along the way to Germany. After becoming accepted into a Master/PhD program in Tuebingen, she found home in a new place.

Courses at the d.a.i.: Renee is currently teaching Business English at the d.a.i.

Way of Teaching: Her way of teaching is to get the class engaged and interested in the topic. Thereby, through enthusiasm and active participation, an enriching learning environment can be fostered.


I strive to make my classroom a place where one can set aside their daily stressors and create positive associations with their time in English class. In easy English: To have fun!


Sarah Taylor

From: Oregon, USA

Academic background: B.A. in Applied Linguistics and German Language and Literature, Portland State University, Portland, OR. M.A. in the International Studies of Computational Linguistics at the University of Tübingen (in progress).

Courses at the d.a.i.: English for Seniors A2, Business English B1-B2, Conversation B1, Kids’ Story Time, Project Visits (Theater Workshop), Nature Camp, Abi-Vorbereitung, TOEFL-Vorbereitung, TOEFL Testleiter certified.

Special Interests: In my free time, I travel, participate in community theater, cook and eat adventurously, study language, keep myself informed on political issues, and enjoy exploring a wide variety of music and podcast genres. Academically, I am interested in the field of computer-assisted language learning, sociolinguistics, and intercultural communication.

Way of Teaching: I strive to make my classroom a place where one can set aside their daily stressors and create positive associations with their time in English class. In easy English: To have fun! Every class is a new enigma, and my job is to understand each student’s personal interests alongside their English language needs so that we can work together to help them achieve their goals. I find that building your language skills is a bit like building your muscles: if you don’t find exercises that you enjoy, and you only work out once a week with your personal trainer, how long will it take to achieve your “six-pack?”



Way of Teaching: Teaching through active communication. Reading articles and making sense of newspapers.


Scott Stelle

From: Southern and Northern California 

Academic Background: 1998, B.A. in Philosophy and Liberal Studies, California State University. 2001, M.A. in Human Communication and Information, California State University. 1999-2001, Academic Researcher and Teaching Assistant at CSU, Chico Department for Religious Studies. Currently working towards a PhD under Professor Harvey 

Courses at the d.a.i.: Schülerkurse, Intensive Courses, Conversation 

Special interests: World History, Rhetoric and Imperialism, American Culture & History


Special Interests: Still dancing (just a bit slower), playing theatre (behind the scenes) and singing (badly).


Verena (Nena) Keller-Demack

From: Globalized German-American, but originally from Schwabenland

Academic Background: Masters Degree in Geology from University Tübingen. Studies in Pedagogy in classical ballet and musical theatre in Stuttgart, Germany, and Denver, Colorado.Teaching certificate in Gyrotonic in Rome, Italy. DaF training at Goethe Institut Rome, Italy and New York. ESL training in Annapolis, Maryland and Madrid, Spain.

Courses at the d.a.i.: Private classes in German as a second language. KITE - kids interactive theatre experience

Way of Teaching: I like to combine language training with theatre, because it helps to overcome the hesitation to speak freely in a foreign language - interactive exercises, games, and role plays are adapted to the needs of the student, so classes are fun and educational. "To me teaching is the most rewarding job in the world."






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