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  • The Empire Study Group: 20 Year Anniversary

    Freitag, 24.11.2023 - 19:00 Uhr

Conversation group with d.a.i. teacher Scott Stelle. 

We are now approaching many anniversaries, the three-year anniversary of the Covid-19 outbreak, the one-year mark of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the 20-year anniversary of America’s invasion of Iraq, which was the key event that led to the formation of the Empire Study Group – an on-going interdisciplinary project centered on studying American power. So, this year, we’d like to reflect on our key concepts as well as some of the critical events and trends that we have covered during the last two decades: 9/11, war on terror, Patriot Act, privacy invasion, surveillance, military tribunals, enhanced interrogation techniques, i.e. torture, Supreme Court decisions that have eroded both the electoral process and the rule of law, as well as bipartisan deregulation of the financial system and bank-bailouts.

Join us in a monthly exploration of the Unites States’ global interests and commitments. Whether formal or informal, the effective control of subordinated societies by great powers is what defines imperialism. We favor a behavioral, not a juridical, view of American imperial power. Yet, we also pay attention to the structural tension between an American Empire and an American Republic based on constitutional checks and balances. Government transparency and oversight are issues worthy of further discussion since President Biden has championed democracy.

We are looking forward to inviting special guests throughout the year and are always happy to welcome new faces!

In English

Location: d.a.i. room "Ann Arbor" 

Admission: free

Further Dates: 22.12.





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