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    Citizen Diplomacy


    “I had a really great experience at this school! The kids were really well prepared with questions and very enthusiastic for my visit. I felt kind of like a rock star! I told my parents about this visit, and they said that I probably made the kids’ day, but in all seriousness, they made mine! Can’t wait to get rented again!“ (Victoria Steiner, Sonoma)


Become a citizen diplomat

Would you like to share some insights into your “American Way of Life” with younger students? All the year round, kids in Baden-Wuerttemberg are hoping for Americans in their area to provide them with a personal account of life in the U.S.. Their image of America is shaped through school books, pop culture and the news, but many of them have never talked to "a real American". And they have so many questions!
In the past nine years, more than 600 exchange students from the U.S. travelled free of any cost through Baden-Wuerttemberg to visit German high school, middle school, and elementary school students. They showed pictures from home, answered questions about high school life, family traditions and holidays and they were often very surprised by images of the U.S. that they encountered in German classrooms.

Sounds like fun? Go ahead and become a U.S. citizen diplomat! “Rent an American” is a great way to improve your cross-cultural communication skills. You will learn a lot about German culture and, in the process, just as much about the American one. This experience will put a whole new spin on your stay in Germany. The U.S. consulates in Germany appreciate our program as well and several program participants have become interns there in the past.

You too can become a citizen diplomat during your time in Germany. Sign up here!

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