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  • Meet the Artist: Fawzi Haimor

    Mittwoch, 19.09.2018 - 20:00 Uhr

Talk with the Music Director of Württembergische Philharmonie Reutlingen. Before coming to Reutlingen to take the position as Music Director, the American conductor with a Lebanese-Filipino background built a vast portfolio of international guest engagements. He has worked with ensembles like BBC Philharmonic Orchestra, Orchestre de Chambre de Paris, NDR Radiophilharmonie Hannover, and many others.  Additionally he has worked alongside some of the greatest conductors of our time. Since coming to Reutlingen, the audience has embraced his focus both on the classical warhorses but also his strong commitment to modern music. Tonight, Fawzi Haimor will talk about his career, his work in different cultural contexts, and about his experience in the music industry.

He will be joined and accompanied by the Yellow String Quartett (Württ. Philharmonie Reutlingen). Feel free to listen to a sonorous presentation of his work with the orchestra. 

Moderation: Dagmar Waizenegger, Leiterin Fachbereich Kunst, Kultur und Internationales, Universitätsstadt Tübingen.

Ort: d.a.i.-Saal
Eintritt: 8 € / ermäßigt 5 € / d.a.i.-Mitglieder 3 €

Eine Kooperation mit der Württembergischen Philharmonie Reutlingen und der Universitätsstadt Tübingen



Photo: (c) Jürgen Lippert

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