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  • Photo Exhibition: Wunderbar Together: 24 Hours in Tübingen

    Freitag, 30.11.2018 - 09:00 Uhr - 09.01.2019 - 21:00 Uhr

Photographs by Theresa Krampfl and Christoph Jäckle at the Ann Arbor District Library, Michigan. Century-old traditions meet modern lifestyle and cutting-edge research in Tübingen, Ann Arbor’s sister city in the Southwest of Germany. 

Since 1965, Ann Arbor and Tübingen have been partner cities and have lived “Wunderbar Together” — the motto of the current Deutschlandjahr. Based on the idea of reconciliation, peacekeeping, and strengthening of the young democracy of Germany — it was Ann Arbor citizens who first reached out to Tübingen to establish a long-term friendship from people to people. The two liberal and green cities are even more similar today than they were in the beginning. Annual student exchanges, numerous visits of choirs and orchestras, as well as meetings of local politicians, architects, and artists have kept the spirit of togetherness alive throughout the last five decades. Promoting a deeper understanding of the world we live in — through close personal contacts — seems now more crucial than ever. 

Tübingen is a mid-sized university town in the southwest of Germany, close to Stuttgart. Located in the heart of the state of Baden-Württemberg, Tübingen is a place of constant change and development, shaped by university life and top-notch research. More than 90,000 inhabitants thrive in the youngest city in Germany, which is diverse, features a liberal atmosphere, and celebrates an ecologically aware lifestyle. Collaboration between the university and organizations like the German American Institute leads to an ongoing exchange of ideas and international guests. With bicycles everywhere, old buildings, and small-town flair, Tübingen has many parallels to its partner city Ann Arbor. 

The two young photographers from Tübingen — Theresa Krampfl (25) and Christoph Jäckle (33) — show their personal experiences and impressions of the city they love in this beautiful multi-floor exhibit of photography. Their pictures display a wide range of impressions — from city to nature, vitality to stillness, and from the smallest detail to wide panoramic views.The 100 photographs give you an impression of everyday life in Tübingen — 24 hours, from the early morning through late at night.

An opening reception will take place at 7:00 pm on Friday, November 30 on the 3rd floor of the Downtown Library and will include brief remarks from Theresa and Christoph and several others involved in the exhibit. With music by harpist Deborah Gabrion and refreshments.

Where: Ann Arbor District Library, Downtown Library

When: Friday November 30, 2018: 9:00am to Wednesday January 9, 2019: 9:00pm

Welcome to Tübingen!


Find us here: Tübingen on Facebook, and the official website of the Deutschlandjahr.

This exhibition was organized by the German-American Institute Tübingen (d.a.i.) under the roof of the campaign Wunderbar Together/ Deutschlandjahr (funded by the German Foreign Office) in close cooperation with the city of Tübingen. Without the engagement and generous support of the Ann Arbor District Library, it would not have come to Ann Arbor.


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