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Trainieren Sie Ihren aktiven Wortschatz mithilfe unserer wöchentlich stattfindenden Konversationskurse! Unsere muttersprachlichen Englischtrainer/innen unterstützen Sie dabei!

Übrigens: d.a.i.-Mitglieder erhalten eine Ermäßigung auf alle Sprachkurse!
Die KreisBonusCard bzw. KreisBonusCard-Junior des Landkreises Tübingen werden von uns ebenfalls anerkannt.
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Plätze frei Englisch: Crash Course: Pronunciation Practice / Aussprachetraining (B1-C2) (17/2-B5)

Fr. 14.07.2017 ( - Uhr) - Sa. 15.07.2017
Dozentin: Dr. Kelly Neudorfer

Brush up on your pronunciation before heading off on holidays!
Are you tired of people asking you to repeat yourself when you try to say something in English? Come to the d.a.i. and work on your pronunciation, including consonant and vowel sounds, intonation, and syllable stress. The specific content will be tailored to the participants‘ needs.

Fr. 14.07. 18:15 - 20:30 Uhr
Sa. 15.07. 09:30 - 17:00 Uhr

Anmeldung möglich Presentation Workshop (B1-C2) (17/2-B6)

Sa. 08.07.2017 09:00 - 12:00 Uhr
Dozent: Lucas Ogden

In this workshop, participants with various backgrounds and needs will give their own presentation in front of a small group and get helpful feedback. Lucas Ogden, who teaches rhetoric at the University of Tübingen, will give professional tips and advice. Don't miss this unique opportunity to practice and improve your presentation skills in English!

Anmeldung möglich NEW! Crash Course: Learning English with Apps (B1-C2) (17/2-B8)

Sa. 01.07.2017 10:30 - 14:00 Uhr
Dozent: Kevin Sven McCarthy

NEW! Crash Course: Learning English with Apps (B1-C2)
Language and Technology: Interfacing class with your Smartphone.

Have you ever tried a language learning application? Have you struggled to maintain your interest in these applications? Bring your smartphone to the d.a.i. and we’ll talk about some strategies for using apps efficiently and effectively.

Im Kurs ist eine halbe Stunde Mittagspause eingeplant.

Anmeldung möglich Englisch: Pre-Intermediate Conversation (B1) (17/2-C02)

Mo. 24.04.2017 (20:15 - 21:45 Uhr) - Mo. 10.07.2017
Dozent: Michael Paolillo

Are you in a rush to improve your English and put it to use without focusing too much on grammar rules and exercises? In this conversation class, we improve grammar and increase vocabulary by using visual aids and simple articles about everyday life.

ACHTUNG: Am Mo., 01.05. findet der Kurs nicht statt!

Der Kursraum "New York " befindet sich im Erdgeschoss.

Keine Anmeldung möglich Englisch: Coffee Hour (B1/B2) (17/2-C04)

Di. 25.04.2017 (09:30 - 11:00 Uhr) - Di. 18.07.2017
Dozentin: Penelope Pinson

Join us for 90 minutes of pleasant conversation in an informal atmosphere. Coffee and tea accompany interesting discussions about American culture, your everyday life, and your personal interests.

ACHTUNG: Am Di., 30.5. findet der Kurs nicht statt! Der Kurs geht dafür eine Woche länger und endet erst am Di., 18.7.17!

Anmeldung auf Warteliste Englisch: Intermediate Conversation (B2) (17/2-C06)

Mi. 26.04.2017 (20:00 - 21:30 Uhr) - Mi. 12.07.2017
Dozentin: Renée Hartig

This class will focus on the one aspect missing from most courses elsewhere, and that's conversation! We will concentrate on practicing your conversational skills in a round-table discussion. Each week, we will cover a different topic ranging from politics, art, pop culture, etc. We will practice conversational English with common questions and topics used in daily life.

Ihr Kursraum befindet sich im Raum 04: "New York" im Erdgeschoss des Gebäudes.

Anmeldung möglich Englisch: Advanced Conversation (C1/C2):Influences & Developments in American C. (17/2-C09)

Mo. 08.05.2017 (18:00 - 19:30 Uhr) - Mo. 17.07.2017
Dozentin: Louise Mayer

Advanced Conversation (C1/C2): Influences & Developments in American Culture

In this conversation course the teacher will lead the class in lively discussions about the vivid, and often misunderstood, American culture. Such topics could include gender, religion, race, social movements and conditions, and artistic and literary developments. Language will be activated through various activities, texts, videos, and even music.

ACHTUNG: Am Mo., 01.05. findet der Kurs nicht statt!

Anmeldung möglich Englisch: Advanced Conversation (C1/C2): The USA: The People & the Land (17/2-C10)

Di. 25.04.2017 (18:00 - 19:30 Uhr) - Di. 11.07.2017
Dozentin: Jessica Strain

Come join us on a journey through the United States. This advanced conversation class will take you on an expedition through the rich tapestry of American life getting in touch with the people, culture, landscape, and unique history through video and text.

Anmeldung auf Warteliste Englisch: Thursday Morning Conversation (B2/C1) (17/2-C12)

Do. 27.04.2017 (09:30 - 11:30 Uhr) - Do. 13.07.2017
Dozentin: Barig Nalbantian

Do you like current events as well as the latest developments and trends and look forward to discussing them in a lively group at our lovely institution with a lovely language instructor? Are you someone who likes to have fun but enjoys a good challenge, too? Perhaps you or members of your family have lived or currently live in an English-speaking country? Then you are reading about the right class for you! Looking forward to having you join us!

ACHTUNG: Am Do., 25.05. findet der Kurs nicht statt!

Plätze frei Englisch: Pre-Intermediate Conversation (B1/1) (17/3-C01)

Di. 25.07.2017 (17:15 - 18:45 Uhr) - Di. 22.08.2017
Dozentin: Renée Hartig

Are you in a rush to improve your English and put it to use without focusing too much on grammar rules and exercises? In this conversation class, we improve grammar and increase vocabulary by using visual aids and simple articles about everyday life.

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