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  • Kinship and Collective Action in Literature and Culture

    Donnerstag, 25.02.2021 - 19:15 Uhr


Book presentation with Gero Bauer, Anya Heise-von der Lippe, Nicole Hirschfelder and Katharina Luther, Universität Tübingen. The collection Kinship and Collective Action in Literature and Culture asks: what unites groups when they act collectively towards a common, often political, goal? Is it (only) the shared identity, or are there other factors that make people act together? This book collects intellectual voices from both the global North and South to discuss this interrelationship of kinship and collective action through the lens of literature, the arts, or specific historical moments.The collection presents different perspectives on the question of what people can achieve when they form communities across the boundaries of generations, species or cultures in order to solve problems together - a question that is currently particularly interesting in regard to the global corona pandemic. Dr. Gero Bauer is a literary scholar and the managing director of the Center for Gender and Diversity Research, University of Tübingen. Dr. Anya Heise-von der Lippe is assistant lecturer with the Chair of Anglophone Literatures and teaches English literatures and cultures at the University of Tübingen. Dr. Nicole Hirschfelder teaches and conducts research on American literary and cultural studies in the Department of American Studies at the University of Tübingen. Katharina Luther teaches and conducts research on relations between matter, literature, and culture in the Department of American Studies at the English Department, University of Tübingen.

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In cooperation with the Department of American Studies, University of Tübingen.

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