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  • Study Group: Is America Really Back?

    Freitag, 30.07.2021 - 18:45 Uhr

Study Group: Is America Really Back?

Conversation group with d.a.i. teacher Scott Stelle. With President Biden in the White House, are the grownups back in charge? Though the pandemic is still effecting everyday life, America's smooth vaccine rollout may portend the beginning of the end of the Lockdown. This quarter, we are going to focus on the first 100 days of the new Biden-Harris administration, which will be critical for its future. Yet, besides the pandemic, President Biden is facing many domestic and global challenges. In order to be successful internationally, he must first renew the U.S. economy and heal the body politic. Trump may have been acquitted again in his second impeachment, but it’s not yet clear whether his legal troubles are over. Millions of Americans want to see him held accountable for criminal acts. At the same time, millions of Trump's followers believe the election was stolen due to his “voter fraud” narrative.

So, while there is no end to the “culture war” in sight, we'd like to turn our attention to the battles within the respective two fractious parties. In this postTrump era, will the G.O.P. become more populist, anti-intellectual, racist, and nationalistic? And will President Biden follow the restorationist leanings of the pre-2016 corporate Democrat establishment or will he side with the progressive leftwing of the party that helped him narrowly get elected? Biden's immediate foreign policy goal seems to be reaffirming multilateralism and especially the trans-Atlantic alliance, as well as managing the rise of China. However, the question for foreign leaders is: Is America really stable and will Trump be back in four years?

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Location: d.a.i. hall (please bring proof of 3G in order to join)

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