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  • Lehrerfortbildungsreise Albuquerque


    Sie können sich gerne bei uns für die Reise unverbindlich vormerken lassen. 

  • Lehrerfortbildungsreise Albuquerque

  • Lehrerfortbildungsreise Albuquerque

  • Lehrerfortbildungsreise Albuquerque

  • Lehrerfortbildungsreise Albuquerque

Teaching the American Southwest

Albuquerque, New Mexico

“Can you believe this Western sky
The clouds that often float right by
The colors that show in the West
As the sunsets are the best
No matter where you'll ever roam
The West is where you will call home.”
Hill West



The American Southwest — a region whose history is as vibrant, as colorful, as stark, and as tough as the people who call it home. Here the ideals of Manifest Destiny, the call to settle the wild, to tame the land has been felt throughout its long history. Albuquerque, New Mexico, was founded in 1706 as a Spanish colonial outpost. Today, it retains much of its historical Spanish cultural heritage. Alongside Spanish influence, Native American culture plays a very important role in the cultural fabric of the region. New Mexico has one of the highest populations of Native Americans in the United States. Second only to Alaska, this influence can be seen in the colorful artisan crafts and adobe buildings. Many kinds of visual arts are reflected in Albuquerque’s museums, concerts and festivals. Its rich cultural heritage is not only felt through its vibrant and colorful downtown area, but also through its local cuisine, a mixture of Native American and Mexican inspired foods, almost always spiced up with local chile peppers. The city, which is also a popular stop on Route 66, is well worth a visit and this summer the German American Institute Tuebingen will provide you with the opportunity to do so.

Albuquerque is an ideal place to learn more about life in the American Southwest. Our two-week program consists of presentations given by experts, as well as of multiple excursions into the city and the surrounding area. You will get an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the Southwest, and experience the uniqueness and cultural diversity of Albuquerque. The combination of gaining a deeper academic background into the region, together with your individual firsthand experience will give you an unparalleled possibility to expand your knowledge on the American Southwest, gain new teaching-material for your classes at home, and, of course, enjoy yourself in the process!

Our cooperation partner, the University of New Mexico, will organize guest families as hosts for your two week stay, and provide the group with experts who will lead us on excursions and provide us with stimulating material. Learn about the social and political history of Albuquerque and of the Southwest in general. Visit the National Hispanic Cultural Center, enjoy a sweet sopaipilla – a fried pastry drizzled with honey --, enjoy the sunset from the Sandias hills, and of course be amazed by the intensity of the blue sky.

Temperatures in August can be quite warm (ranging from 25 to 32 degrees Celsius), but with very low humidity, and nearly continuous sunshine, so bring your sunscreen!

Stroll through the old town and enjoy a delicious dinner at the Church Street Café. Take a tour of the Rio Grande Natural Center and be amazed by the beauty of the Rio Grande Gorge. Visit beautiful Santa Fe and view one of the oldest churches in the United States, St. Francis. Get introduced to the educational system of Albuquerque by visiting a summer school program. Meet teachers, students, and other locals who will share their city, their knowledge, and their stories with you and give you a taste of life in the southwest.

The introductory seminar takes place in Tübingen. It serves as an indispensable introduction to your stay in Albuquerque. During the seminar you will get to know the members of your travel group, as well as receive detailed information as to the itinerary and educational goals of the program. Additionally, through presentations and discussions, you will be introduced to the relevant thematic aspects and topics of your program.


Lehrer/innen aller Schularten, insbesondere der Fächer Englisch, Geographie, Geschichte, Gemeinschaftskunde.


  • Einführungsseminar in Tübingen
  • Zweiwöchiges Studienprogramm in Albuquerque, NM, inklusive aller Vorträge, Frühstück, Abendessen, Bustickets und Exkursionen, die Teil des Programms sind
  • Die Unterbringung erfolgt in ausgewählten Gastfamilien vor Ort


Die Reise wird voraussichtlich 2018 wieder stattfinden. Sie können sich gerne unverbindlich vormerken lassen unter amelie.schymura@dai-tuebingen.de. 


Teilnehmerstimmen der Lehrerfortbildungsreise 2016: 

„Organisation und Betreuung waren perfekt und sehr persönlich und übertrafen für mich alles, was ich bisher auf solchen Fortbildungen kennengelernt hatte. Meine Gastfamilie war sehr nett, aufgeschlossen und interessiert; zusätzlich zum Programm war das die wunderbare Möglichkeit, das amerikanische Alltagsleben kennenzulernen.“

„Das Angebot an der Universität und außerhalb war sehr beindruckend und nichts war zu viel. Ein Programm in dieser Fülle und mit dieser Art der Angebote ist einmalig - wir durften absoluten Koryphäen von Fachleuten und ganz besonderen Menschen begegnen.“

„Bei meiner Einführungsstunde USA in der letzten Woche habe ich einfach nur gestrahlt und konnte den Schülern sehr viel erzählen. Ich bin jetzt dort gewesen und habe ausschließlich positive Erfahrungen gemacht! Die Reise hat alle Erwartungen übertroffen – vielen Dank!“


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