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    Our corridor and the d.a.i. hall allow visitors to go around and take a look at the pictures of our latest exhibition. We host around four different exhibitions each year that focus mainly on American artists. Because of our international contacts, we manage to exhibit works of well-known artists in the d.a.i., such as Steve McCurry, Walker Evans, Dorothea Lange, Edgar Curtis and many more! With up to 100 visitors per day, we reach a widespread audience from young to old. Traditionally, new exhibitions are opened with a festive vernissage (private view) and afterwards, visitors can come and see the exhibition for free during our regular business hours. 

  • Lectures

    Every quarter we offer more than ten lectures from world-renowned scientists and artists. When choosing our speakers, we do not only consider currency and relevance, but we also look to provide information on a wide range of topics such as art, culture, politics, economics and science. Visit us – it’s worth it! 

  • Movies

    Our movie nights range from Hollywood blockbusters to historical documentaries, silent movies and much more. Most of the time, an enjoyable and informative introduction is offered beforehand in connection to the movie’s topic. For young film fans, we offer a monthly “Young Critics” meeting where students can watch movies in English and discuss them afterwards. 

  • Concerts

    We Love Music!

    Concerts are an important component of our cultural program. Every year we bring internationally-acclaimed artists on stage at the d.a.i. and entertain our audience with a diverse repertoire – from blues to jazz, gospel and even country music – we’ve got something for everyone! 

  • Get Together

    Community is key! Whether at the German-American Stammtisch or the Latino Stammtisch, from the Quilting Bees to Kid’s Story Time, the d.a.i. offers you a variety of opportunities to meet new, interesting people. It’s easy to have fun and also improve your English (or Spanish)-speaking skills! Our diverse program is entertaining for everyone, young and old. Feel free to benefit from our community programs!

  • Literature

    American literature, classic or modern, reveals a lot about the history and national identity of Americans. Therefore, it is no surprise that we highly value this part of American culture. Book readings or lectures such as “My Favorite American Book” series, are great opportunities to explore new reading materials. Literature fans are welcome to follow their passion and discuss exciting American literature in the “Writer’s Club” and the “Book Discussion” groups.  

  • Big Events

    We love to celebrate – big parties with American food, amazing acts and a remarkable program. Anyone who celebrated with us on the Neckarinsel in Tübingen during our “50 Years Together – Tübingen celebrates with Ann Arbor” festival on July 4th, 2015, can confirm that. Our annual Superbowl party is also a fun and popular event. We broadcast the NFL finale live on a huge screen, including the legendary halftime shows and American commercials – it’s just the “real deal”. 

    Come and party with us! 

  • Performances

    Meet remarkable artists:

    Our guests include the dubbing voice of the famous “Donald Duck”, who thrilled everybody in the room with his live performance. We also hosted a laryngeal singer and a sporty adventurer who explored America on his bike. Let’s not forget about the tough guys who have mourned the lost freedom of the American west. We just have them all! 



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September-December 2018

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