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  • Snack-a-Vaganza: Preparing Your Perfect 4th of July

    Montag, 28.06.2021 - 12:00 Uhr - 04.07.2021 - 12:00 Uhr

Online cooking tutorials with Jessica Lang

The 4th of July. Independence Day. A time to celebrate, hang out with friends and family, and enjoy the finer things in life. Join d.a.i.-teacher and native Alabamian Jessica Lang in her kitchen to prepare a wide variety of snacks and drinks perfect for the 4th of July. With her cooking skills, she’ll take your garden party to the next level! Jessica will teach you how to prepare her own favorite recipes. You will learn everything about tasty snacks from “Pigs in a Blanket” to “BBQ Chicken”, delicious cocktails and much more. The best thing: Since her tutorials stay online, you can cook together with friends all over the world and rewatch the video whenever you like! Happy cooking and happy 4th of July!


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In this video, Jessica will start off the Snack-a-Vaganza with some starters. She will show you how to make corn dip and the classic pigs in a blanket! Appetizers are an important part of any 4th of July celebration! Learn how to make creamy and delicious French onion dip as well as burger stuffed mushrooms.
A refreshing, cold drink is an essential part of a 4th of July party. Jessica will show you how to make sweet tea, blueberry lemonade margaritas as well as a hurricane. Join Jessica to learn how to make her essential Independence Day sides, which include baked beans and the classic American specialty deviled eggs.
Refreshing salads with fresh ingredients are perfect for the hot July weather! In this video, Jessica will show you how to  summer pasta salad as well as an avocado and tomato salad and a watermelon feta salad. You can't forget the main event when it comes to 4th of July food. Join Jessica in making BBQ chicken as well as her special burgers (with bacon, cheddar cheese, mushrooms, and more)!
Last, but not least, Jessica will finish off the Snack-a-Vaganza with her favorite 4th of July deserts. She will teach you how to make cheesecake stuffed strawberries as well as grilled pound cake with whipped cream and berries.


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