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  • Meanwhile in Tübingen...

    Did you know that Tübingen has a sister city in the US named "Ann Arbor"? Did you know that these transatlantic sisters actually have a lot in common?

    Listen in as two expat Americans, Sarah Taylor and Kevin McCarthy, take on the task of telling American audiences what Tübingen is all about.

    A podcast for everyone who loves our little (big) city.

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  • The Podcast Team

    Sophia, Sarah, Kim, and Kevin before the live recording of our special "Sister City" episode at the TeaHaus in Kerrytown, Ann Arbor, MI. 

  • Meanwhile in Tübingen...

    A Podcast produced at the d.a.i. Tübingen 
    Moderation & Production:
    Sarah Taylor, Kevin McCarthy
    Production & Editing: Sophia Steinhuber, Kim Schafhauser

    In cooperation with the Deutschlandjahr: Year of German-American friendship 2018/19 "Wunderbar Together". 


  • Meanwhile in Tübingen...

    Sarah and Kevin interview members of the community, discuss local issues, and reflect candidly on life in Germany with its many cultural differences and similarities, realizing that there's so much more they have to learn about this cycling, studying, Stocherkahning municipality of the Swabian south that they've called home for the past several years!



Meanwhile in Tübingen...


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Podcast "Meanwhile in Tübingen …"

... explores our city through different lenses, with episode topics such as:


Pilot: What is "Tübingen"? 

What’s this podcast all about? How did it get started? Whose voices am I hearing? Where on earth is Tübingen? 
Answers to these questions and more in our pilot episode!


Episode 1: Green City

As evidenced by the recent Global Climate Demonstration and the ongoing protests with Fridays for Future, people are standing up to demand political action that combats climate change. But what does “going green” look like at the local level? What individual habits of a populace make a city “green”? What political strategies are involved? And for that matter, how does one “go green” in Germany? This episode discusses these questions and more, examining green initiatives in both Tübingen and Ann Arbor, MI from the standpoint of city hall, with an interview with Tübingen’s Green mayor, Boris Palmer, and from the point of view of everyday citizens. 

Special thanks to the Lord Mayor of Tübingen, Boris Palmer, for inviting us to the Rathaus and taking the time to speak with us! 


Episode 2: Sports City

They say that baseball is as American as apple pie and American football is, well, quintessentially American as well. Or are they? Listen in as Kevin and Sarah unpack two very American sports in a place you might not expect. Whether you’re the real MVP or always picked last for the baseball team, there’s a bit of something for everyone in our sports episode. 

Special thanks to Alex Tufts from the Tübingen Hawks Baseball team and Markus Flach, Nelson Stegmaier, Dominique “Sunny” Wernando and Julian Wagner from the Tübingen Red Knights Football team for taking the time to interview with us!


Episode 3: University City 

Kevin and Sarah explore the daily life of the Eberhard Karls University of Tübingen with Sarah Kushner, an exchange student from the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor.


Episode 4: Sister City (Live Recording @ Ann Arbor) 

How alike are Tübingen and its sister city Ann Arbor, Michigan? In September 2019 Sarah and Kevin spent a week in Ann Arbor to get to know the sister city. In this episode they share their impressions and experiences of the trip and they may have found some similarities amidst the cultural differences.


Episode 5: Christmas City

Sarah and Kevin discuss the meaning of tradition and share their personal experiences of Christmas away from home. In this episode, our guests tell us what they cherish during the holidays. 


Produced at the d.a.i. Tübingen 
Moderation & Production: Sarah Taylor, Kevin McCarthy
Production & Editing: Sophia Steinhuber, Kim Schafhauser


This podcast is sponsored by the Year of German-American Friendship „Wunderbar Together“ campaign, a comprehensive and collaborative campaign funded by the Federal Foreign Office of Germany, implemented by the Goethe-Institut, and supported by the Federation of German Industries.

Curious what Tübingen is all about? - The introduction video shows different facets of our beautiful city!

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Also make sure to check out the exhibition "24 Hours in Tübingen" which was created for the Deutschlandjahr as well


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