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    In our hip hop workshop, young people learn to express their opinions, worries and dreams in creative new ways and receive recognition as muscians and performers.

Express Yourself

d.a.i. goes hip hop

What does it sound like when you listen to yourself? What's on your mind? What makes you happy, proud, and cocky? What music can make you forget or be yourself? And how cool is it to share this feeling with others, to get applause and recognition? German rapper Jens Amschlinger - aka SANE- shows you how to achieve it. Over the course of the workshop SANE helps you to put your thoughts and moods into words and beats, records your own songs with you, performs a stage show with you and gives you an insight into the (inter-)national music industry.

Course Language: Rap, Denglish, Music & Love!

Age: 13 years and up

Fee: The workshop is free of charge if you attend regularly!

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Rapper Sane - Hip-Hop ohne Ausgrenzung (in German)







d.a.i. presents T-Town Recordz treten gemeinsam mit der Funky Kids Crew aus Biberach auf dem Ract! Festival auf (Juni 2018)



"Funky Kids" (Official Music Video)


"d.a.i. goes hip hop" in the media

July 17,2018: "Hip Hop Fans hatten in der Klause ihren Spaß" (Tübingen, Schwäbisches Tagblatt, in German)

June 16, 2018: "Funky Kids und T-Town Recordz Tanzen" (Biberach, Schwäbische Zeitung, in German)

June 12, 2018 "Ract!festival 2018 :: Funky Kids und T-Town Recordz" (Tübingen, Frei Wüste Welle Radio, in German)



Previous Workshops & Productions

In 2016, the d.a.i. Tübingen organized two hip hop workshops for young people with and without migration experience. The workshop instructors introduced the participants to the world of hip hop. They wrote songtexts in German, English and Farsi and produced their own songs.




Sponsors and Cooperation Partners of "d.a.i. goes hip hop"

We are grateful for the support of: Kindermedienland Baden-Württemberg, City of Tuebingen, Bits & Bytes Recording Studio, Epplehaus Tubingen, U.S. Embassy, and Michael O'Beirne




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