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    You have questions or suggestions? Send us an email or call us at 07071/79526-14. You can also come pay us a visit at Karlstraße 3!

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    Visit one of our language classes and receive a FREE library card for 6 whole months including ebooks!

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    The d.a.i. in cooperation with gymglish gifts you 1 month full of quick, entertaining and personalized online lectures for English, German and Spanish.

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    The d.a.i. is regularly in search of new teachers for the various language courses! You can find any information here.

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    The d.a.i. offers language trips for teens and adults. You can find our out more here!

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    The d.a.i. supports the KreisBonusCard and the KreisBonusCard Junior of the Landkreises Tübingen: You will receive benefits just like d.a.i.-members do. Children are able to take part in the language courses for free (5€ for buying needed materials) if they have the KreisBonusCard Junior!. Please contact the secretary's office if you are interested.

Language Courses

Business Training



1. English and German language courses

Your company is looking for professional language training for your staff?​​

We are extremely flexible in terms of times and days and are happy to organize language training sessions tailored to your company’s needs.

Our instructors are qualified American natives with significant coaching experience.

We will arrange the scope, specific content and dates with you individually. To start, we recommend a placement test in order to evaluate the English-level proficiency of your employees.

Additionally we will collect the requests of your employees and will include their wishes in our structuring of the course.


Did we catch your interest? Then send us an email at Firmenkurse@dai-tuebingen.de or contact us on the phone at 07171-79526-14.


2. Intercultural training 

Intercultural training is crucial to succesful cooperation for companies that wish to maintain or develop business relations with the United States. Our custom-made training courses offer a wide range of content and methods to strenghten the intercultural skills of your employees.

Our training courses include:

  • Cultural awareness: We provide insight into the cultural differences between Germany and the United States to minimize misunderstandings and promote cultural respct. 
  • Communication training: We improve interpersonal communication, both verbal and non-verbal, to promote effective communication in business settings.
  • Conflict resolution and negotiation: Our training courses help you to recognize, prevent, and constructively resolve conflicts. We teach strategies for succesful negotiations.
  • Understanding business practices: We give you insights into the work culture, hierarchies, and business practices in the United States.
  • Preparation for business trips and assignments: Our training courses help you and your employees prepare both shorter and longer stays in the United States, including appropriate behavior and cultural pitfalls.

Our training courses are interactive and practical. By using case studies, role-playing, and group discussions, we create realistic environments. Our goal is to strengthen the intercultural skills of your employees in order to develop and maintain succesful business relations with American partners.


Our intercultural trainers

Dr. Ute Bechdolf   Jessica Strain
(former d.a.i. director)   (d.a.i. teacher)
freelance intercultural trainer   freelance intercultural trainer
Firmenkurse@dai-tuebingen.de   Firmenkurse@dai-tuebingen.de




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