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    Do you have any questions or suggestions? Please contact us via e-mail or phone @ 07071/79526-0. Or just stop by at Karlstraße 3!

  • Gymglish

    The d.a.i. in cooperation with gymglish gifts you 1 month full of quick, entertaining and personalized online lectures for English, German and Spanish.

  • Become a teacher?

    The d.a.i. is regularly in search of new teachers for the various language courses! You can find any information here.

  • 2 in 1

    Take a language course at the d.a.i. and get a free library card for 6 months, online lending included!

  • Language trips

    The d.a.i. offers language trips for both teenagers and adults. You will find our various options here!

  • KreisBonusCards

    The d.a.i. supports the KreisBonusCard and the KreisBonusCard Junior of the Landkreis Tübingen: Card owners profit from the same reduced class fees as all d.a.i. members. We offer 30 free seats for children with a KreisBonusCard in our student courses (5 € material fee) ! For further information please turn to our secretary's office.

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Translation & Proofreading



Translation & Proofreading

Our native speaking instructors from the USA translate your texts competently and quickly from German into English. We also quickly and professionally carry out proofreading projects. Prices for translation depend on the length and difficulty of the text. For translations of academic and/or literary texts we charge 1.85 € per line (55 characters including spaces). For non-academic or general texts the charge is 1.55 € per line (55 characters including spaces). Regardless of the length of the text, the minimum charge for a translation is 29.50€.

The fee for proofreading also depends on the length and type of text. For proofreading academic and/or literary texts, we charge 0.65€ per line (55 characters including spaces) - we regard curriculum vitae and cover letters as academic texts. For non-academic or general texts, we charge 0.60€ per line. Regardless of the length of the text, the minimum charge for a proofreading is 29.50€.


Please note that we DO NOT offer editorial report. Our instructors only proof read the texts for grammar and spelling mistakes.


Express proofreading / express translation: Please note that we charge an extra fee of 10€ - 20€ for proofreadings and translations that are needed within 24 hours. You can get more information by sending an e-mail to Mail@dai-tuebingen.de or calling 07071/79526-0. 


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