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    Ambassadors in Sneakers is a four-week educational program that brings together youth councils and similar youth leadership committees from Germany and the U.S.

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Interkulturelle Projekte

High School Exchange: School Year 2014/15


About the High School Exchange in 2014/15

In the school year 2014/15 the class 9f of the Wilhelm-Hauff-Realschule Pfullingen and students from the Toms River High School South in Toms River, New Jersey participated in a project for high school and college students in Germany and the USA that went far beyond the traditional objectives of regular school exchanges.


The Trips

Part 1: Pfullingen goes Toms River (Sat. Feburary 14 - Sun. March 1, 2015)

Part 2: Toms River goes Pfullingen (Wed. July 1 - Fri. July 17, 2015)




What was the exchange like that year? Check out these pictures: Pfullingen Goes America, Meet-and-Greet With General Consul Jeffrey Hill and Big Goodbye Party at the d.a.i.


Media Coverage

  • Micromedia Publications Inc, March 7, 2015: "Students from Germany Attend HS South In Exchange Program"



Senior Ambassadors

Hi, my name is Christian. In April 2014, I finished my studies in politics and administrative sciences at the university of Constance. As part of my studies in my masters, I’m completing now a second study abroad at the Rutgers university until May 2015 and therefore live in New Brunswick, NJ. The feeling of going into a new country and getting new impressions is not new to me. An intercultural training is a great possibility to prepare for a study abroad. What I particularly like about the program “Ambassadors in Sneakers“ is to give the American students an insight ion my native land, and to give them an understanding of its characteristics. On the other hand, it provides an opportunity to question prejudices and stereotypes in order to partly remove them / clear them up. Also for me, being an “Ambassador“, it is extremely exciting to talk with students of the high school in Toms River about my home country and its habits.


Hi, my name is Rebecca and I study politics and administration in Constance. Right now I am studying a year abroad at Rutgers University in New Jersey. When I heard about the project Ambassadors in Sneakers, I was immediately convinced by it because I believe it is very important to promote intercultural exchange. Staying in a different country involves a lot of new and exciting experiences: it broadens the personal horizon and shapes the personality far beyond the exchange. During my Highschool Year in the US (2008) I realized that it is not as common for young Americans to go abroad as it is for Europeans already. Moreover, I know from my personal experience that going abroad is a huge step requiring a lot of courage, especially in this particular age. Hence, I want to support Ambassadors in Sneakers and help young people overcome potential fear from the foreign culture. To me, “Ambassadors in Sneakers” is an amazing opportunity to actively participate in the intercultural exchange and to pass on at least some of the hospitality I enjoyed during my time in the US.


My name is Franziska, and I’m going to study for two semesters Human Resource Management at the Rutgers university. It is a good opportunity not only getting to know another country but also a whole new (university-) culture – the university in Constance is a little bit smaller… Thanks to the program “Ambassadors in Sneakers,“ we get the chance to talk about similarities and differences in everyday life, and different situations with American students. I am excited about many new impressions. It’s a very nice program to create a real personal exchange and to discuss questions. For all of you who want to learn something not only about American but also German culture, it is a great and unique opportunity to become a Senior Ambassador.


Sponsors and Partners

The "High School Exchange" was developed by the German-American Institute Tuebingen (dai). It was very generously supported by the Transatlantic Program of the Federal Republic of Germany, which is funded by the European Ministry of Economics and Energy (BMWi), as well as by a great number of other supporters:


We want to thank all of our sponsors and supporters especially: the Reinhold Beitlich Stiftung Tübingen, the BW-Bank Tübingen, the German-American Partnership Program (GAPP), the Jugendstiftung Baden-Württemberg, the Kreissparkasse Reutlingen, Freiherr von Rassler (Schloss Weitenburg), the Rotary Club Reutlingen-Tübingen Nord, the Volksbank Tübingen, the Werbeagentur Kraas & Lachmann.

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